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Fuel and Energy Summit at the Vatican

As the visit of Pope Francis is now weeks away, The Vatican is hosting a week long seminar on climate change. Over 40 Top US investors from the world of energy and oil will spend the week talking climate change with very senior Vatican Officials.

Pope Francis is known for his stance on protecting the environment and made it a key priority of his Papacy. He is known to have taken a strong stance on the Paris Agreement on climate change among other issues. Last year, he issued an encyclical, ‘Laudato Si’, calling on Catholics to protect the environment and the vulnerable. In it, he said that climate change was mainly ‘’a result of human activity’’.

Last weekend, a lot of US investor journals were taken aback by the occasion, which will seek the Pope’s displeasure with the earthy pleasures of pollution, plastic and climate change.

The event is being hosted by Notre Dame University and hopes that through dialogue we can come to a solution to manage risks and the growing dependency for energy.

When researching this story, we note that Pope Francis has met very prominent business leaders during his Papacy. These include Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Apple’s Tim Cook.

As the Vatican sets out to engage more with the big and important issues of the day, its clear strategy is to have meaningful dialogue with the changing world around it.

The Pope’s visit to Ireland later this summer will be one to watch to see if a similar event takes place. That would be welcomed by various clean seas supporters and the plastics lobby.