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Ranking the Winners and Losers of the World Cup

As we count down to the beautiful game, starting in Russia today, it’s interesting to see who the winners and losers will be. At the time of writing the bookies are giving Brazil 4/1, Spain 6/1, (my favourite) Germany 9/2 and England 16/1. When I started writing this blog, a moment ago, the odds were 5/1 for Germany.

While Republic of Ireland has not qualified, its managers will travel to Russia for the World Cup. Both Roy Keane and Martin O’Neil are set to give expert opinion on the highs and lows of each match with broadcaster ITV.

Our nearest neighbour is England. The squad is ranked 12th in the world, which is respectable enough, despite many expecting them to be knocked out in the early rounds of the knockout stages, as per usual.

The Big Winners:

Harvey Norman and other TV retailers

I know many pals who have splashed out on new TV sets with larger screens and surround sound to soak up the atmosphere fully.


These broadcasters will enjoy a huge boost in TV revenue from stay at home fans. There is also the huge advertising windfall they will receive. RTÉ might have the edge this year with their superb decision to sign the controversial US women’s team goalkeeper Hope Solo.

The Bookies:

When do these guys ever lose? It’s a matter of time before bookies will be allowed by broadcasters to run ticker tape promotions across the bottom of the screen throughout a sporting occasion. In the course of sport, passions can become hot and heavy and so can the betting.

Takeaways and Pubs

Making sure you don’t miss a minute of play this means a busy time for Just Eat and other takeaway food providers including Domino’s. I think all companies particularly Just Eat have embraced emerging technology to capture greater market positioning. No doubt the Deliveroo riders will be pedalling like mad for the next few weeks.

Other fans will enjoy the noise and atmosphere of a good pub, especially for the big games.

Replica Jerseys:

The sports retailers appear to have all countries covered and expect an escalation of sales for different countries as the tournament unfolds. Nike is the brand that is hoping Brazil, France and England to do well. While Adidas will be cheering for Spain, Germany and Argentina to provide an added boost for sales.

Nike is the stand-out winner of the tournament already with the stunning Nigeria jerseys. There were three million pre-orders for the jersey in Nigeria and Nike can’t keep up with the demand.


We have all heard the warnings about travel to Russia, I think these warnings have fallen on plenty of deaf ears. Supporters from around the world will be there to support their country, like the Irish fans have done in the past.


The Big Losers:

This list appears to be very small indeed. Long-suffering friends and partners who have no interest in football will be top of the list. The six week tournament will be a long time in terms of maintaining friendship.

I’ve found in the past that some friends just give up in the second week and just pretend to be enjoying the tournament. There will be nowhere to hide as it will be saturation coverage online and on all TVs, and devices.

With the World Cup centre stage, it’s a tough time to be a fan of TV soaps as the programming schedule is hugely disrupted. Restaurants, cafés and cinemas will be the worst hit. DIY stores will also be affected as it will be tools down for the period.

The World Cup tournament brings back really good childhood memories. Regardless of interest in football, the juggernaut of sport can’t stop to capture everyone’s interest in the colour and excitement of the “greatest game on earth” as many will call it.

I have great childhood memories with my Dad. A very fond one is the challenge of collecting 30 different England players for the 1970 World Cup. The challenge was made more difficult for Dad and me as we did not have a family car. The only way we got the coin tokens was via family and friends as the promotion was based on buying fuel. Every ten pounds of fuel meant you won a lucky token of a player. Each player was profiled on the coin which at the time was priceless. The challenge was thirty coins and we eventually made the full set, a little later than planned but completed and proud!

We eventually captured a full card of soccer greats from the 70’s Peter Bonetti, Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton and so on.

As the circus has now arrived, sit back and enjoy. It will be a huge milestone and we’re all waiting to see what the memorable moments will be.