Crisis Management

Crisis management is a critical, but often overlooked organisational function. Failure can result in serious harm to stakeholders, losses for an organisation or even end its very existence. We are proud to boast of our track record in crisis management and our ability to help companies plan and prepare for every eventuality.

We not only effectively manage crisis situations, but offer the foresight to effectively identify and contain issues before they develop into significant problems.

What We Do For You:

Crisis Management Training:

We train your management team on basic crisis management techniques, including planning, risk identification, damage limitation and dealing with and recovering from a crisis.

Crisis Management Planning:

We forecast potential crises that may occur at your company and proactively put in place specific strategies to effectively manage various scenarios.

Crisis Management Assistance:

During a crisis members of our PR agency will be at your side offering strategic counsel and assistance. Our focus is to repair any damage done to your public image and to reassure stakeholders recovery is underway.

Crisis Management Litigation Support:

We work closely with some of Dublin’s top legal firms in providing litigation support where necessary. This can involve product liability, intellectual property and copyright through to environmental issues.