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We live in an age of rapid movement and change – both evolutionary and revolutionary. Successful public relations is measured by three key factors: results, results, results.

We listen to what the client wants and we devise the best way of achieving the result that YOU want. Not our perception of what you want – your results, nobody else’s. We work on a one-to-one basis with each client (no matter how small, no matter how large), ensuring an exclusive, personalised service every step of the way. It’s not enough for us to be good at what we do, it has to be right for you. It has to get results. We see things differently, when it comes to continually deliver performance and results.


Crisis Management

Paul Allen & Associates are regularly called upon to prepare and update crisis management plans before a crisis hits...

Media Relations

Our media training sessions empower clients to quickly transform interviews into directed conversations that generate desired results.

Corporate Communications

A positive and enduring corporate reputation, supported by strategic corporate PR, is one of the keys to credibility & engagement.

Social Media

It’s nearly impossible to separate social media strategy from PR, given how digital and social media act as both a news source and a driver of brand reputation.

Event Management

At Paul Allen & Associates, we research your brand, your message, and the audience with whom you want to engage.

Public Affairs/Lobbying

Paul Allen & Associates has a proven track record in parliamentary affairs and lobbying politicians at a local, national and European level.

Case Studies

Case Studies Available Upon Request


A Huge Support in the navigation of Irish politics and public relations.

image Alastair Campbell

Former Director of Strategy and Communications for the Labour Party

Paul Allen did a wonder job for us and the Paul Allen & Associates team was very professional.

image Alex HOU 侯鹏

ICBC International Leasing Co. Ltd

We Really want to thank you for all your efforts in ensuring the ‘Tsunami of media coverage that generated outstanding good will for our company’ came to fruition in spadefuls.

image Alistair Cooke


Paul Allen commands a set of skills which are fundamental for entrepreneurs. He understands the nature of business, the demands and stresses we all face, and, his support in working with media creates value far in excess of what one thinks.

image Padraig O’Ceidigh

Chairman, Aer Arann

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