Crisis Management

We take care of it within the golden hour.

Paul Allen & Associates are regularly called upon to prepare and update crisis management plans before a crisis hits. Our pre-emptive approach is like an insurance policy, assuring that you will not be scrambling to gather the information you need in the midst of a crisis.

Maintaining Focus under Pressure: Key Points to Remember

  • Preparation: Train, educate and advise
  • Access: Review and Fix
  • Patch, patch, patch
  • Seek advice and deal with professionals

Crisis management requires a multi-pronged approach to protecting reputations and leading clients to a quick and effective recovery. In the midst of a crisis is not the ideal time to begin formulating the best plan for communicating with stakeholders. The key to effective rapid response is having a current crisis management plan in place by your side and not at your wake, we deliver productive strategies that work.

Should you find yourself in a difficult situation and in need of expert advice and implementation, our experienced team of professionals provide the most effective crisis communication and media management solutions instantly.

Cyber-security is a growing concern for organisations and we are the go-to agency with regard to a cyber crisis. We have assisted countless clients and have a network of international contacts call upon to assist.


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